The Martians Are Here


This is the story of five strangers at the end of the world.  Overnight the population of the earth is reduced to less than 2 billion as the cities of the world go missing.  Mickey, Jones, Jim, Sarah and Shaun will need to be resourceful in ways they never imagined to stay alive on an earth that has suddenly become hostile.  The key lies in solving the mystery of where the cities have gone.  If they survive that long.

The Martians Are Here – 34 Episodes that take the characters from the Hawkesbury district of Sydney to Florida and the west coast of the US to the Yukon and British Columbian areas of Canada, to Mars and beyond.

Combining mystery, monsters and exploration of the human spirit, the series builds up to the final climax where the real monsters are revealed.

TMAH has a fully original musical score (over eight hours of music), Rick produced all the voices (and many of the sound effects) himself and we have a host of australian, alien and other characters.

Oh and it has martians. 🙂