Once A Jolly Swagman

Robert is a typical bushman of the Australian Outback, a bit down on his luck but always there when you need him. Robert is about to learn exactly why it’s a bad idea to invite an alien into your home, they steal your favourite chair, drink your beer, seduce your dog and worse.

Story By Simon Meddings, Narrated By Rick Moyer and Featuring Matt Cowlrick as Robert.


Meet Little Bit. She’s not a Rat she’s a Gerbot with a whole lot of attitude. She’s going to need it too. When the ship she lives on is invaded by Pirates and her owner is taken prisoner, it’s up to Little Bit to save the day. Surprising things come in small packages.

Story By Jen Rhodes, Narration By Rick Moyer and Featuring Jen Rhodes as Little Bit.



Sometimes being curious is not a good thing. When Hellen disobeys the village elders and decides to explore the mysterious pyramids for herself she encounters strange beings from another world. As two cultures clash Hellen will be left to wonder if she shouldn’t have listened to the warnings.

Story By Mike Featherstone, Narration By Rick Moyer and Carole Richards


Meet Divale. Well actually you wouldn’t want to meet Divale because it would be a life changing experience. Literally. When Turncraft Industries needed someone to get their Monster and Mutant Division back on track who else would they turn to? There’s only one small hitch, Divale has been in a mental institution since he was ten and has developed a few ‘eccentricities’.

Story by Sarah Rosengaard, Narrated By Simon Meddings, Music by Rick Moyer.


Otto Miller and his Amish family faced with the end of the world show their practicality, when a plague of Zombies invades their farm – they put them to work. While the rest of the world is going to hell, this small community survives intact until they are faced with an invader of more human dimensions.

Story By Bret Hammond, Narration By Rick Moyer and Featuring Bret Hammond as Otto Miller.


Ever wonder what the TMAH characters are like away from TMAH? Wonder no more (well you weren’t really wondering were you?). We take you backstage to the TMAH christmas party that includes many of your favourite characters, some of the not so well known characters and some of our special guest characters. One piece of advice though from the bottom of our hearts…. DON’T EVER INVITE DIVALE TO A CHRISTMAS PARTY! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE… SEE YOU IN 2011.

Story By Stefan Sawynok, Voices By Rick Moyer, Simon Meddings, Jen Rhodes and Sarah Gilbertson.